Kim Possible Pornography Story: Kim Satiable Ch Four – Senses like the First-ever Time

Kim Possible Pornography Story: Kim Satiable Ch Four – Senses like the First-ever Time

Kim went up to her room, took a shower and then lay naked across her bed her ass still sore from the morning’s activities. As she lay there running her fingers through her fine red cunt hair and pondered getting waxed bare, she started to think about how this had all got started. How had Kim Possible the girl wonder become such a sex fiend? She though back to Josh Manky and her very first time, first time with a boy.

Kim had recovered from her disappearing from embarrassment experience with Josh and he had asked her to the spring dance. Bonnie was having a party afterwards and only her older sisters were going to be there to chaperone, which meant that anything goes. Kim had selected a silver slip dress for the dance. It was short but not quite a mini skirt with a scooped back, spaghetti straps and a deep V neckline. The material was very light and although the dress wasn’t tight, it didn’t leave much to the imagination. Matched with a pair of silver high heels, a white thong and white thigh high stockings Kim looked very hot. Her father tried to protest that there was no way to wear a bra with such a dress, but KP’s mom came to her defense.

The night of the dance arrived to find Kim more nervous than usual. She put on her make-up three different times before giving up and asking her mother for help. Anne’s long experience with red hair and fair skin gave her the skills to apply a subtle touch that soon had Kim looking older than her 15 years and very good. Mom then helped her daughter tie her hair back in a loose braid before sitting on the bed to watch KP get dressed. They had heard Josh come to pick Kim up, but her mother told her not to hurry, that she was worth the wait; besides Dr. Possible wanted some time to ‘get to know this young man a little better’.

Kim dropped her robe, and blushed a little as she stood there in just her white thong. “Oh that looks very nice,” her mother remarked, “lets see the stockings.” As the girl rolled up the thigh highs, her mother also approved. Slipping into the dress, Anne showed her daughter how to strategically apply some double-sided tape so that she wasn’t exposing too much skin, at least unintentionally. Finally stepping into her strappy shoes, Kim did a turn for her mother. “Wow you look great honey, those shoes really show off your ass, and the color is perfect! Here I want you to take this with you tonight,” and she handed her daughter a small object.

At first Kim thought it was a necklace or some other memento, so she was shocked when she looked in her hand to find a condom, “MOTHER!”

“Now Kimmie,” Anne replied putting her hands up, “when you go to a dance looking that sexy, the boys are all going to want to get in your panties. I just don’t want you to be unprepared.”

Kim blushed and put it in her small purse along with the other two she had already picked up. Anne went downstairs and after a minute Kim followed, pausing at the top of the stairs for maximum effect. She couldn’t help but grin at the expressions on the faces of her date and her father. “Wow!” was all either of them could manage.

After a few pictures, Kim wrapped up in a long coat for the trip to the school, “Now Josh,” Dr. P admonished, “I want you to have my Kimmie Cub home by 11:00…”

He was cut off by a tug on the arm from his wife who whispered in his ear, “But Jim, we’ll just be getting warmed up about then.”

“Have her home by 1:00.” He corrected himself.

They were later than most in getting to the dance; which was by design, because Kim wanted to make an entrance. She wore her long coat into the gym and waited until much of the room had turned to look at her. In a flourish she unwrapped the coat, and allowed Josh to pull it from her arms. The was an audible gasp in the room and then on ongoing buzz as she strutted across the room to where Tara was standing and gave the blonde girl a big hug.

“Oh my God,” the other cheerleader chirped holding Kim’s hands and looking her up and down. “You look so amazing! I can’t believe your father let you out of the house! Are you and Josh gonna ‘do it’ tonight? Ron’s over getting me a drink, has he seen you in this dress yet? Bonnie’s not here yet, but she called and said she’s on her way. Ron’s gonna…”

When Tara was excited she tended to talk non-stop so the redhead cut her off in one of the few effective methods available, she planted a kiss right on her mouth. If there was a buzz in the room before, it intensified as the two hot cheerleaders engaged in a bit of lip-lock. Until, “Possible!” Mr. Barkin shouted over the music, “What do you two think you’re doing?”

Kim Broke free from Tara, and gave her a nudge, “Sorry Mr. B,” she said with a sexy pout, “We’re just very happy to see each other.” Then with another nudge to the blonde, “Oopsie! We seem to have dropped our purses!” Where upon both girls turned away from the principal and bent over at the waist to retrieve their handbags. In the process they gave the man a great view of their tight teen asses.

Mr. Barkin, choked for a second, and then turned and staggered away, without another word. “That really isn’t nice Kim,” Josh had walked up by now, “One of these days you are going to give that guy a heart attack.”

“I know, but that trick has gotten us out of so much trouble…” Kim’s explanation was interrupted by a commotion by the front doors. Bonnie was finally making her grand entrance, and all eyes turned to see what the queen bee was wearing tonight.

Entering on the arm of Brick Flagg, she had a knee length navy blue silk dress, covered with a short fur jacket. After an appropriate delay she tossed the jacket to Brick to reveal a sequined dress, slit way up the side. But what drew everyone’s attention was the strapless top, which seemed to be defying gravity as it clung to her breasts. Tara ran over to give her friend a hug, while Kim waited until she caught Bonnie’s eye and then the two walked to meet each other halfway, their hips swaying, a slight smile playing across the face of both girls. They held hands for a moment and then hugged lightly.

“Kim, you look so hot tonight, it is taking all my will power not to drag you into a closet and have my way with you.” The brunette muttered hot in KP’s ear.

“You can’t believe how tempted I am to pop your girls out of that top right now,” Kim whispered to her rival.

“Won’t happen,” Bonnie assured her, “double sided tape.”

“Me too!” Squealed Kim pulling back and smiling, before the two broke it up and went their separate ways.

“What I wouldn’t give for a kiddie pool and a 55 gal drum of cooking oil,” Ron suggested to Josh as the two stood watching the cheerleaders checking each other out. “We could make a fortune selling tickets to that show.”

The dance continued without further disturbance. Ron was there with Tara and the two of them seemed to be having a good time. Tara was dressed in a blue mini-skirt and a tight white tank top that showed of her flat stomach, nice ass and firm tits. The two of them disappeared for a while, and when they returned, the both looked a little disheveled and Ron had a goofy smile on his face.

Josh seem a little distracted, but Kim wrote it off to nerves. Kim had been hinting that this was going to be the ‘big night’ for several weeks now even as their physical relationship had progressed. Eventually it was time to head to Bonnie’s house for the after-party, and the select few were given the pre-arranged signal that it was time to go.

At the house there were drinks and music and food. It was a big house with a hot tub out on the deck and an indoor swimming pool. The twenty or so people invited gathered in a large family room with lots of couches and chairs. Some people were dancing most were talking, Tara and Ron were making out on one of the couches. Josh asked Kim what she wanted to drink. “A screwdriver,” she answered and then with a wink, “it will be good practice for later.”

Kim took a sip and whistled, “Oooo nice and strong, are you trying to get me drunk, so you can take advantage of me?”

“No, no,” Josh pleaded, “Connie made the drink…”

Kim just laughed and hugged the boy close grinding her pelvis into his, “That’s okay, `cause you won’t have to get me drunk to take advantage of me tonight.” She murmured in his ear before kissing him intensely.

Kim had just finished her drink when Tara announced that she was going into the hot tub and proceeded to pull her tank top off and head for the deck. This was the distraction Kim was waiting for. Taking Josh by the hand she led him in the other direction towards the upstairs. Pausing at a door, she wrapped her arms around the boy’s neck and kissed him deeply, simultaneously backing into the open door and pulling him in with her. The room was lit with only a table lamp next to the bed, but it was clearly Bonnie’s parents room with a king size bed and several full-length mirrors.

Turning Josh around, Kim closed and locked the door behind her, and then gave him a hungry look. She slowly unbuttoned his shirt as she backed him toward the bed. Sliding it off his shoulders she tossed it aside and reached for his belt buckle. “Um Kim,” are you sure this is okay?” he asked.

The redhead kissed him passionately and then stepped away, “I cleared it with Bonnie, no one will bother us, and we have almost three hour until I have to be home.” Then she pulled the straps of her dress from her shoulders and let it drift slowly to the floor. Standing there in just her stockings and thong she was truly a sight to behold. Stepping back up to the boy she grabbed his belt, and kissed him again. “You aren’t going to pass up on this are you?” she asked giving him the pout and opening his pants, which dropped to his ankles.

Josh was soon free of the last of his clothing and after another passionate kiss, KP slowly settled to her knees, taking his cock in her hands she gave it a tentative kiss. She was a little surprised that it wasn’t hard. She had given Ron a hand-job on a dare a few months ago and he had been like a rock as soon as she whipped it out. Kim and her girlfriends had watched porn movies a few times, and those guys usually weren’t stiff until the girl sucked them for a while, so maybe this was normal.

Taking a deep breath she opened wide and slipped it in. It didn’t taste bad at all, but it felt different than the dildo that Bonnie had given her lessons on. Josh’s groan brought her back to focus and she looked up with smiling green eyes and started to work it in earnest. “Oh yeah, Kim,” he muttered putting a hand to the side of her head, “that feels so good.”

Bobbing quickly back and forth, Josh was soon fully erect. She was a little disappointed that he wasn’t as big as those movies, or even as big as Ron, but maybe for her first time that would be okay. Moving over, Kim sat on the edge of the bed and then lay back, spreading her legs and pulling her thong aside to reveal her virgin lips, “My turn now?” she pouted.

“Huh?” Josh grunted, still a little overwhelmed by the whole situation. Then grasping Kim’s desire, “Oh yeah.” And he crouched down planting timid kisses to her pink pussy. The skin was so smooth and the slight scent of cherries swiftly emboldened the boy and as he slipped his tongue between her lips, Kim’s gasp and the purring sound told him he was doing the right thing. Still he was new to this and after a few minutes Kim decided it was time to move on. Holding his head KP looked down at him with smoldering eyes, “Come her and kiss these lips for a while,” she directed. Lying next to her Josh let his hands drift over her beautiful body, grabbing her ass, or lightly pulling at her pert breasts.

“One more thing,” Kim whispered and she climbed out of the bed her back the boy she looked over her shoulder and smiled as she hooked the thong under her thumbs and with one swift motion pushed it down to her ankles, her legs straight. Staying down there she started to unbuckle her shoes. But before she could step out of them, the boy had jumped up and grabbed her waist pulling her against him, his cock slipping between her thighs rubbing along her tender lips. KP gave a squeal as Josh started to hump her like this, and then spun her around until she was kneeling on the bed, her ass in the air. When his cock poked at her back door, the redhead gave another squeal and fell forward on her stomach, rolling on her side just in time to avoid her date who fell on the bed next to her. Kim kissed him passionately, “Oh Josh I want you,” she gasped and rolled on her back, “but we need protection first,” and she handed him one of the condoms.

Quickly slipping it on Josh positioned himself between her legs, sucking at her swollen tits until his cock made contact with her virgin pussy. Both of them shuddered and hesitated, and then it was Kim who put her hands on the boy’s ass and with a smile pulled him in. She gasped a little and then pulled him in further, and then further still. “Oh Kim this feels great,” the boy whispered as he started to pump slowly, just a little at a time.

The redhead shifted her legs up and out, opening wide to receive the boy. “It’s okay I won’t break,” she gasped, digging her nails into his back, “fuck me, fuck me hard!”

Taking her at her word, the blonde boy started to bang away wildly, thrusting and groaning as KP scratched his back and bucked her hips up at him. She begged more insistently for him to fuck her until suddenly he stopped and with a long low moan and shuddering motion his orgasm hit. Not sure what had happened, KP continued to push up at him, but eventually he collapsed on top of her and then rolled off on his side.

“Are you done,” Kim asked a little hesitantly.

“Yeah, I think so,” Josh responded, “did you feel it?”

“Yeah, I guess I just never,”

“No, I know me neither…”

“Do you think we could do it again,” KP asked hopefully?

“Um Kim,” the boy hesitated, “There’s something I think I should tell you… I think I’m gay.”

“Oh my God,” Kim cried softly turning away from Josh, “Was I that bad?”

“No Kim, oh God no,” Josh snuggled up behind her, kissing her shoulder and pulling her against his body, “In fact you’re the only girl I know who could get me to do this.”

Kim was crying, this was supposed to be so special, and now it seemed to be spiraling out of control. “Sometimes,” she sobbed, “I do stuff with Bonnie or Monique, but I still want to be with boys. Is that how you are too,” she asked hopefully?

“Honestly Kim, I mostly want to be with other boys,” he answered.

“You want to do it in the butt? Would you like to take me that way?’ again she searched for some glimmer of hope. Kim had seen anal sex in those movies and it didn’t look that bad, so she arched her back pressing her ass against the boy’s semi hard cock.

“Mostly I’d like to have Ron fuck me in the ass,” Josh laughed a little embarrassed to be admitting this to the girl who he had just lost his virginity to. “But you do have a beautiful ass.” To his surprise he could feel himself stiffening again as Kim’s firm little butt pushed into him. She did smell nice and feel good and she was so willing. When he had touched his cock to her back door earlier… Josh swept her hair back and kissed her ear, “Yes, I would like to take you that way,” he whispered starting to pump just a little.

KP seemed to think about it for a moment, “okay,” she said cheerfully and in an instant she was on her hands and knees, “just take it easy.”

Josh kneeled behind the girl running his hands over her thighs and ass. Her enthusiasm made him eager to get in there, but he knew she needed a couple things first. Taking hold of her hips he positioned her just right and then slipped two fingers in her moist cunt. “We need to get a little lube,” the boy responded to Kim’s quizzical look over her shoulder and then he pushed one finger and gradually two into her tight ass. “This is going to feel so good,’ he thought to himself and to KP he said, “Just try to relax, open up and let me in.”

The redhead had flinched a little at the intrusion of Josh’s fingers but she jumped when the head of his cock entered her ass for the first time. The boy was undeterred pushing deeper even though KP whimpered and gasped with each thrust. He grasped her hips and thrust again into that fine tight little ass and then smacked her butt cheek, leaving a mark. KP tried to protest, but Josh just spanked her again, “You’re a dirty little girl aren’t you? A nasty girl who wants to be ass fucked hard,” SMACK “this is what you like isn’t it?” He grabbed the braid of hair and pulled her head up going deeper into her ass.

Kim gave a little cry again, she was filled with conflicting sensations, “Yes I am a total slut, shove it in me,” she gasped. The boy was pushed erratically into her, groaning and spanking her. The redhead was being overwhelmed, and almost unconsciously slipped a hand between her legs and started rubbing at her clit. Before she knew it, Kim was whimpering and writhing as an orgasm shook her slender body, and the sensation propelled Josh over the edge too. “Oh fuck yes, such a tight little ass,” and he slammed forward once more, twitching as he unloaded into the squealing girl. Feeling his hot cum jet into her ass, KP was lifted to a new orgasm more intense than the last and falling on her stomach she clutched at herself, muttering, “dirty little slut,” over and over as the last of Josh’s load sprayed on her quivering backside.

When Kim came to her senses, Josh was lying on the bed next to her, sound asleep. With still more than an hour before she need to be home, KP slipped out of bed and cleaned herself up before getting dressed and heading downstairs. She stopped at the door to Bonnie’s room and hearing noises, peaked in. Bonnie was on her hands and knees, Brick Flagg pounding her from behind while one of the linebackers pumped deep down her throat. “Leave it to Bonnie to go one better than me,” she thought as she headed for the bar.

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