Kim Possible Pornography Story: switch apartment joy part Four

Kim Possible Pornography Story: switch apartment joy part Four

Kim proceeded to close the distance between her rival’s lips and her own, pausing briefly when she detected a slight apprehensiveness from the girl beneath her.

Bonnie had turned her face away, breaking their gaze and thus avoiding the contact of Kim’s soft lips. The redhead found this sudden rejection particularly strange on the brunettes’ part; after all, it had been Bonnie who instigated the current situation.

Kim raised an eyebrow at the tanned teen.


The brunette glanced up at her rival, keeping her head turned away and smiling somewhat sheepishly.


“Is there something you want to tell me?”

The redhead slowly began to widen the gap between the two of them, finding it even more surprising when, in contrast to her actions moments ago; the brunette now closed her arms around her, halting her retreat.

“No, no! I’m fine! See!” the tanned cheerleader pulled Kim into a kiss.

The redhead wasn’t convinced and neither was the brunette; the kiss lacked its usual intensity. It wasn’t until Bonnie slipped her tongue in; that things started to gain momentum.

Shrugging off her previous sense of doubt, Kim’s hands started to wander around the brunette’s upper body in a familiar fashion, never lingering in one place for more than a moment.

After a brief tour around the voluptuous curves, one of her hands eventually found itself infiltrating the tanned girl’s top; the redhead was surprised to find the brunette wasn’t wearing a bra.

Kim broke the kiss to smirk at her rival, “No bra Bonnie?”

The brunette blushed, “Whatever, It just gets in the way when we…”

The redhead smiled; there was no doubt now, jumping her in the change room wasn’t something decided on impulse. Bonnie had planned this.

Whether or not the girl had thought it through was another matter entirely.

Moving in once more, Kim focused on her rival’s neck region; her hands taking full advantage of the brunette’s liberated chest, massaging the delicate mounds in rough fashion, before tracing their way down the girl’s slender form towards her skirt.

Deciding to move things along, she repositioned herself, still straddling Bonnie; she was now facing the opposite direction, affording the brunette a clear view of the redhead’s panties, much to her delight.

The teen hero shifted back and forth as she attempted to discard her rival’s skirt, frustration setting in as she struggled to remove the garment.

“Stop kicking B! Lift your butt up”

“Uh… Hello? You’re sitting on me!” the brunette protested.

“Ugh hopeless” Kim sighed.

“Me?” Bonnie tried to sit up, peering as best she could over the redhead’s shoulder.

“No, I wasn’t talking about you”

“Whatever…” the brunette crossed her arms and lay back down, a touch of anger in her voice.

Kim turned herself back around, her face hovering just above her rival’s.

“Bonnie…” she smiled.

The brunette looked away, frowning.

“Bonnie…” the redhead tilted her body so their faces met again.

“What?” the tanned girl said plainly.

“You jumped me… do you even want to do this?” the redhead spoke softly.

The brunette’s frown faded as she considered the question. This was what she wanted, she knew that now. But would she have the stomach to follow it through? However deep it might take her?

After a moment, she responded by lifting her head, placing a kiss on her rival’s lips.

Having found her resolve, she pulled herself out from under the redhead and removed her skirt. Wearing nothing save their cheer top and panties, the two girls knelt in front of each other.

Staring intently at the other, neither girl made a move.

The brunette finally took the initiative, gently forcing Kim onto her back.

Brushing the hair from the redhead’s face, the two exchanged a fiery kiss; their hands groping at whatever they could find, eager to pick up from where they left off.

It wasn’t long before Kim forced herself on top of Bonnie. The brunette groaning through the kiss as she was shifted into the submissive position as per ritual.

As the two paused for breath, Kim took the opportunity to slide down south, her face hovering between the tanned girl’s legs.

She noted the cute panties her rival was wearing, before carefully sliding them down the toned, shapely legs that bore them.

Bonnie could feel the redhead’s breath against her newly exposed area; it caused her body to shiver in anticipation of what was to come. Her breathing quickened in pace as Kim’s hands traced their way along her legs. Her thumbs tickling the inner thigh, sending a satisfying chill up the brunette’s spine.

However, the excitement soon turned to frustration; as the teen hero lavished attention everywhere, save for the one place that needed it the most. Planting kisses agonisingly close to her now aching womanhood.

The brunette gritted her teeth, clearly annoyed with her rival’s torment. She growled in protest.

“What’s wrong B?” Kim giggled in response.

Bonnie lifted her head and glared, further adding to the redhead’s amusement. It was obvious what the tanned teen was after.

Happy to oblige, Kim took hold of the brunette’s firm behind and leaned in closer. She too had been waiting for this, waiting to hear her rival whimper, to squirm in overwhelming pleasure at her touch.

For every flick of the tongue, each nibble or suck, awarded its own unique moan or cry of ecstasy. Her relentless mouth-work was driving the brunette insane; and knowing that, was Kim’s biggest turn on.

Bonnie pressed her head against the floor, stretching her arms out and clenching her fists. She tried in vain to postpone the pressure that was steadily building up inside. She wanted this to last, yet she could do nothing, save forcing herself towards the redhead’s lips, in an attempt to maximise the sensation.

Kim smiled inwardly, the tanned teen was close to finishing and she knew it.

Unfortunately for the hapless brunette, Kim wasn’t.

“Wha-what are you doing?” the brunette panted. “D-Don’t stop…please”

“We’re not stopping; it’s just time for kissing” the redhead smiled.

Kim straddled the helpless girl once more. Leaning in, she forced the brunette into a kiss. It wasn’t long before the tanned girl pushed them apart.

“No… no kissing… we have to…finish” the brunette pleaded, still out of breath. She could feel the wonderful sensation slipping away.

“What’s the rush B?” Kim taunted with a devious smile.

Bonnie did not look impressed.

“Alright, we’ll do it your way B” the redhead feigned a sigh, planting a kiss on the tanned girl’s forehead.

Satisfied with that answer, the brunette relaxed.

Kim now returned to her previous actions, feverously devouring the tanned girl from below; her rival’s moans and whimpers only encouraging her further. Her right hand retired itself from caressing Bonnie’s inner thigh and made its way down to assist the redhead’s tongue.

The teen hero teased the brunette’s entrance with her index finger, running the digit gently along the soft, sensitive tissue of the girl’s outer walls.

But before the teen hero could proceed any further, Bonnie sat up, protesting.

“Wait! I just remembered” the brunette exclaimed.

“What? What’s wrong now?” Kim raised an eyebrow.

“Over there, in my bag” the tanned teen pointed at a bag leaning against the wall near the change room door.

The redhead looked at her rival, then over at the bag. When the brunette didn’t say anything she crawled over to examine it. Upon opening the bag, she didn’t see anything of particular interest.

“Under the towel” Bonnie pointed out.

Kim’s eyes widened as she withdrew a surprisingly long, stainless steel object.

“Th-This is…” the redhead stuttered, examining the light, yet firm device she held in her hand. Being metal, it was cool to the touch.

“Bonnie, this thing is huge!” exclaimed Kim, feeling slightly intimidated.

“Well it is meant for two people K” the brunette replied, motioning the redhead toward her. “Bring it here”

Kim crawled over to the tanned cheerleader and knelt in front of her. “So, have you ever?”

“No, I haven’t tried it yet. I bought it with you in mind, actually” answered Bonnie.

“You bought this?” Kim was shocked.

“Of course,” the brunette stated. “I couldn’t exactly ask someone else to buy it for me” she smirked.

“Well, I am impressed B” the redhead raised an eyebrow, “And slightly confused”

Bonnie frowned, “What?”

“I mean, do we really need this?” Kim waved the metal toy.

“Well, no… but” the brunette shrugged her shoulders, “I just wondered, how it might feel” she added, tilting her head and smiling innocently.

“You mean, you and Brick have never…?” the teen hero trailed off.

“No” Bonnie stated plainly, her eyes fixed to the floor, “Our relationship is mostly for appearances anyway”

“I see” Kim smiled inwardly, she wasn’t sure why, but a huge wave of relief washed over her upon hearing that Bonnie and Brick were not really an item.

“What about you and…” the brunette pried cautiously.

“Who? Ron?” the redhead blushed as scandalous images of the two of them filled her head. “No, no we’re just friends, sort of. I mean we’re closer than that but…”

“But you’ve never…?” Bonnie leaned in with peaked interest.

Kim shook her head slightly in response.

The brunette smiled to herself, she too had hoped for such news.

There was an awkward silence for a moment, until both girls fixed their sights upon the length of cold, solid metal in Kim’s hand.

Bonnie swallowed, “So, you wanna try it out?”

“I guess there’s no harm…” Kim replied.

The brunette lay on her back, propping herself up with her elbows and slowly parting her legs, to allow Kim room to manoeuvre.

The redhead positioned herself between Bonnie’s delicious thighs, her breasts flattening against the floor as she lay down on her belly. Kim curled her left arm around the brunette’s right leg and rested her hand on the tanned stomach.

The teen hero brought the cool steel toy in her right hand to Bonnie’s moist, fiery entrance. The brunette was still wet, despite the recent lapse in activity.

Kim glanced up at Bonnie, who simply nodded in silent approval.

The redhead moved in for the kill, pressing the firm object against the soft pink of her rival’s opening. The tanned teen awarded her with a gasp. The sensation of cold steel against her searing flesh was indescribable, and it wasn’t even inside her yet.

Kim decided to experiment a bit, pressing the toy down firmly against Bonnie’s clitoris. She started to massage the area both roughly and thoroughly. The brunette responded to her actions with moans of pleasure, squeezing the redhead’s left hand tightly.

The length of the object was now coated in Bonnie’s juices, making it rather slippery to hold. The brunette reached down suddenly, halting Kim’s motions and positioning the toy at her quivering entrance.

“Do it Kim” she panted softly.

The redhead nodded nervously, and then complied; forcing the love soaked length slowly yet steadily through her rival’s sensitive opening.

The feeling of breaching Bonnie’s walls and penetrating her deeply, excited Kim to no end. She watched the brunette wince as her hymen was compromised, an event that Bonnie seemed more than comfortable with.

While it did in fact cross the tanned teen’s mind for a moment, that she was losing her virginity; not only to a woman, but to her rival Kim Possible, in the end the thought served only to spur on her desire even further.

The brunette pushed her hips forward, in an attempt to devour more of the object’s length. Happy to help, Kim also forced more deeply into her rival’s nether regions, earning moans of ecstasy and approval.

Bonnie could feel its shape deep inside of her; it filled her up completely, it felt like it was touching her stomach. The intense heat radiating from within her had started to warm the toy, it was no longer cold.

Kim started to move the object in and out of her rival with rhythm and speed. The sensation was amazing for both girls. The redhead had never been so turned on in her life, she wondered if she should try it as well. The sight and sound of the long hard metal toy pounding in and out of the brunette’s tight opening was almost too much to bear.

The teen hero shifted onto her knees; parting her legs slightly, she angled the remaining length of the toy and positioned it in front of her own soaking womanhood.

She teased her entrance a bit, circling the soft pink, testing it. The firm structure of the object was strangely inviting.

Taking a deep breath, she eased herself onto the hard steel. As it penetrated her, she could feel her delicate membrane start to tear and give way. A few tears made their way down her cheeks as she slid further down, taking what was left of the toy into her completely. Once she had become adjusted, Kim begun to ride up and down, slowly at first, then gradually picking up speed as her pleasure increased. The tightness of her entrance only heightened the pleasure as the toy stuffed her completely from wall to wall. Her rhythmic movements and the natural tugging of her womanhood, also forced the toy in and out of Bonnie as well, if only slightly.

Kim leaned forward, holding herself up with her hands on either side of the brunette; she panted and stared into her rival’s eyes. Her efforts were ceaseless as she moved in and out and up and down, the feelings were amazing, and both girls were now nearing an inevitable and sure to be uncontrollable climax.

The two locked lips briefly, before the pressure that had built up inside them finally gave way. Neither girl could contain their screams of ecstasy, as an enormous wave of pleasure washed over them, smothering their senses and leaving them with a sensation of satisfaction and relief. Their juices soaked the floor beneath them as they lay next to one another, panting and laughing.

Despite the daze shrouding her mind, Kim still pondered Bonnie’s enigmatic behaviour earlier on. It seemed like no matter how hard she thought about it, she couldn’t decipher it.

Glancing to her rival, she offered a smile. Bonnie smirked back. It seemed that at least for the time being, things were peaceful between them.

Kim can only hope that by tommorow nothing would have changed.

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