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Kim Possible Porno Story: Luving You Behind Closed Doors – Chapter Five

Kim Possible Porno Story: Luving You Behind Closed Doors – Chapter Five

Loving You Behind Closed Doors chap 5

Disclaimer: I have a way for Ron and Shego to be together! First we need to round up some torches, some pitchforks and some angry villagers/Rongo fans. Then we march to the Disney studios and take them over! We shall rule, and can make shows with whatever parings we want! It’s perfect! So spread the word! Oh, and before I forget, until this wonderful and bright future comes to pass I don’t own Kim Possible. But that soon will change. Oh, yes! That will change!

Im really sorry for the long silence, and the worst is I really dont have a good excuse except that the writers block sat on this story and would not get off. I therefore gave it a bit of a break and tried to brainstorm and Ive only just gotten that block moved. Anyway, this authors note is going to be long enough as it is, so Ill just go right to this thing.

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Kim Possible Porn Story: Kim finds her mother – Chapter 1

Kim Possible Porn Story: Kim finds her mother – Chapter 1

possible belongs to YDisney.



was a nice day in upper ton. Kim was getting out of bed after a
horrible night of nightmares. She dreams about her real family. Kims
mother Susie was making breakfast for her. Kim walked in feeling
upset to her stomach. Susie saw her and asked

you alright? She asked as she got the plate on the table.

I Guess. She said looking down at her plate. Kims mother was
worried. She never acts like that.

Im off for school. Bye. Kim gave a kiss to her mother a left.
Kim was waking down the steat alone. She hated her school. She misses
Middleton and her friends. She misses Ron even more. But they
probably dont even know who I am anymore. But everyday she always
thinks about theme. But she miss her mother the most. Today at
school is very boring but I ment to cute guy. Hes in mi science
class. I was talking with him tell the teacher said

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Kim possible porno – Fuckin’ Possible 2

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Kim Possible Porno Story: corrupting kim

Kim Possible Porno Story: corrupting kim

Kim Possible: Corrupting Kim

“Tweebs!!!!” Kim hollered as she chased after her menacing brothers. “Sorry Kim,” came the synchronized reply as they flew down the stairs and into the kitchen where their mother was working on their dinner. The twins ran over to Mother Possible and shielded themselves away from their fuming older sister. “Argh! You are so dead!” Kim got out between clenched teeth standing a foot away from them hands fisted at her sides staring at her brothers with so much rage they both felt it and ducked behind their mother more. Mrs. Possible just stood there in her apron taking everything in and sighed slightly. “Now Kimmy, it’s not nice to say such things. I’m sure whatever the boys did couldn’t of been that bad.” “Do you know what they did to my cheerleading uniform…or at least what’s left of it?!” Kim screeched in outrage. “We were just testing out our new duplicator,” Tim said. “And we wanted to do something nice for your birthday,” Jim finished, both still hiding behind the exasperated woman. “Boys, that was a sweet gesture,” she said slowly letting them know that she disapproved despite her words. “Kim I’m sure you have more uniforms-” “That’s just it though! Thanks to the Tweebs I don’t anymore. They’re all shredded or a pile of material” Kim sighed falling against the refrigerator blowing a stray strand of hair away from her face. Mrs. Possible just looked down at her sons in a motherly stern way. “We know. Go to our rooms” They said dejectedly as they walked out shoulders slumped. Kim ran a hand over her face, and sighed loudly “Just what Bonnie needed, another reason to ridicule me. Argh!” Kim muttered as she walked over and sat at the table. “Kimmy, you seem tired” her mother asked concerned “How are the missions dear?” “Oh their no big, it’s just Ron that’s bothering me” Kim said softly folding her arms on the table and resting her head there. “How so?” Mrs. Possible asked as she checked on the meat loaf. “I think he likes me” Kim mumbled. “Ouch!” Mrs. Possible exclaimed in pain. Kim immediately sat up and was at her mom’s side “What? What happened? Are you okay?” Kim rushed out as she watched her mom hold a finger and rushed over to the taps running it under cold water. “Oh, I’m fine sweet heart; I just touched the side of the tray and burnt my finger. I’m fine, really” she said putting her daughter at ease. “So… Ron huh?” “Uck! So the drama!” Kim moaned out piteously, flopping down on the seat again. “I mean were best friends, and I love Ron… I just don’t love Ron if ya know what I mean. He’s practically family ya know?” “Aww Kimmy, don’t worry too much. Maybe you and him just need to sit and have a talk.” “It’s just not that simple mom. I mean….I don’t want to hurt him and I know this will hurt him if he actually does like me and you don’t know how he gets. He like totally-” *Beep* *Beep* Kim jerked in mid sentence, immediately taking out her Kimmunicator. “One sec” she held up one finger. “Hey Wade. What’s the sitch?” “Hey Kim, I just got info that Drakken is planning to raid the San Diego Science Lab. It seems that Professor Leindart created a �synthetic reformer’. Pretty cool, I’m making one just like-” “Say no more Wade, I’m on it.” “Your ride is waiting out front and Ron should be at yours right. About-” “Hey KP” Ron called out from the front door. Kim smiled at Wade. Kim got up kissed her mom goodbye “We’ll finish later mum. Be back soon,” and flew out the door grabbing Ron along the way. “Let’s roll” was the departing words left echoing around the house as the front door slammed shut. The ride over was uneventful, the usual chit chat and modesty with the person, before sky diving out of the high speed army plane onto the front lawn of the SDSL. As soon as they landed the alarms started to blare from the inside and Kim jumped into action. “Come Shego, were done here,” was Drakken clear command before he turned back to the hovercraft only to be knocked down by a hard front kick. “eep!” Kim smirked and picked up the surprisingly small device and tossed it over to Ron “Think fast Ron!” she called out distractedly as she set eyes on her for. “Got it KP!” Ron called back dodging and fighting with Drakken’s henchmen Monkey style. Kim glanced to see if he was ok before engaging herself in combat with Shego. “Why hello Kimmy,” Shego huskily got out between kicks. “Shego!” Kim replied curtly dodging a high kick. “You know I’m getting awfully tired of this” Shego drawled on conversationally. Kim ducked under Shego and quickly turned around blocking a high kick “this?” Kim went on. “Ya know? *grunt* This…what were doing right here” Shego explained taking a hit to the stomach mid way but brushed it off and retaliated with a blow to the back of Kim’s knee. On one knee Kim quickly blocked Shego’s kick and swept Shego’s legs from under her before rolling away. She was stumped. She had no clue what Shego was talking about. Back flipping away from a frontal attack Kim spoke up “I have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s nice that you’ve developed your skills in conversation Shego really. Now all ya gotta learn is the correct time and place to apply your new found skill,” Kim got out sarcastically skillfully dodging Shego’s plasma hands. Shego rolled her eyes and rushed forward “Thank you Ms sarcastic, but I’m trying to tell you that this between us is getting old. Frankly I’m getting tired of it and I’ve decided…” Kim blocked Shego’s round house then jumped her sweep before flipping in mid air to land a few feet away. “Decided?” Kim asked curiously, panting a little from the exertion of their familiar fighting. “Yeah you know…” “You keep saying that and yet I’m still to know what the hell you’re talking about!” Kim snapped. “Tsk, tsk Kimmy” Shego was advancing slowly on Kim, making sure to show no sign of attack. See the thing with Kimmy was she had really high morals and believed in fair fights, which is great. It’s one of the things that attracted Shego to the teen wonder in the first place. Downside to that is though was it made Kimmy easy. Easy to target and take advantage of. See, Kim doesn’t strike till she has to, she never fights dirty and she has too much heart to actually �shoot to kill’ in a fight. All their fights have left Shego wanting and unsatisfied. At first Shego was royally pissed and frustrated with the red head but as time went on, Shego started to develop a really deep respect for Possible and she started thinking of her in a totally knew light. The effects the teen had on her suddenly became clear and Shego was only hopeless to fight against her raging emotions. Kim Possible was like a growing obsession that Shego knew she either had to get rid of or totally have. Seeing as Shego felt an immediate loss with the thought of killing off the teen she was only left with one choice. Their fights were always hot and passionate and Shego knew that their relationship would be exactly the same. She could tell Kim felt the same; she saw the look in her eye whenever they fought. But she also knew Kim didn’t recognize it yet. So Shego had a plan and had been waiting for this moment ever since her big discovery. During the fight she had subtly started maneuvering the teen hero to an empty side room she had scoped out earlier when she did the recon. Seeing an opportunity she kicked Kim with enough force to send her flying through the door, but smirked when Kim flawlessly landed on her feet, barely flinching at the stinging blow. Shego immediately looked about and was happy no-one seemed to have noticed them. Rushing in she slammed the door shut, and with a twist of her wrist an audible click shot through the room confirming that she had locked the door “Patience Possible” Kim stood perplexed still in battle mode at the slight turn in events *is this a trap?* She looked about her frantically for another escape route but saw none. Shego smirked and turned just in time to catch Kim before she landed the flying kick and used the momentum against her. Slamming Kim into the wall hard enough to leave her breathless Shego took advantage of the situation and used her body to keep her against the wall and her arms above her head. As Kim caught onto her new position she tried struggling out of the hold and was mildly surprised. Shego and her have never pinned eachother down for this long before. Always just slamming or kicking the other away to avoid any prolonged contact. “Let. Me. Go!” Kim got out between clenched teeth. Shego just smiled maliciously, feeling her body respond to Kim’s inadvertedly arousing struggles. This is what she had been waiting for. This was her only intention when Drakken decided on this bullshit plan of his. She could care less for some lab geek’s breakthrough discovery. All she wanted was the girl in front of her. Shego kept a firm hold on the unsuspecting teen, taking the chance to actually look at her arch nemesis. *God she’s gorgeous* Shego thought proudly. Red silky hair, soft creamy skin, beautiful big green eyes, plump full lips, all the right curves *and it’s mine* she thought possessively. Shego buried her head in the hollow of Kim’s neck and smiled a little as she felt the red head freeze and tense up. “Mine” Shego whispered as she started to place soft kisses up and down Kim’s neck. Kim stared wide eyed at the other side of the room, not comprehending what was actually happening. *They were supposed to fight weren’t they?* her confused shocked mind asked and Kim tried to keep hold on her raging emotions. “What the fuck are you doing?!” she asked outraged as she finally snapped back realizing her situation. Struggling and trying to move her neck away from the soft heated kisses violating her neck Kim arched her back and froze when all Shego did was press more into her. Shego just chuckled and leaned back slightly so she could look at the highly baffled and outraged girl. “I’m kissing your neck” Shego dead panned. Kim was dumbstruck and at a loss for words. She spluttered trying to reply but before she could Shego who had been taken with the red heads lips couldn’t take it any more and captured her lips in a fierce kiss. Kim gasped in surprise and her eyes widened as Shego shoved her tongue in her mouth exploring the recesses there as if she was staking claim on it. Struggling even more Kim felt her resistance start to melt when her warring hormones started to kick in, causing her body to slowly respond to Shego’s aggressive tongue and she closed her eyes, resigning to let Shego explore. Shego was rubbing her body against Kim after she felt Kim’s subtle pliant behaviour and smiled into the steamy kiss as she heard Kim’s strangled groan and shoved her thigh between the hero’s legs, satisfied when Kim let out a moan. Ripping her mouth away from Shego, Kim gasped out “Stop! What are you do-” Shego recaptured the teen’s lips and her hands on Kim’s wrists gave a sharp squeeze making Kim open her mouth in pain, inadvertedly inviting the raven beauty to her sweet mouth. Shego groaned and started to grind herself into Kim relishing in Kim’s subtle rocking motion against her, aswell as the soft tentative strokes she gave back with her own tongue. “Mmm” Shego moaned out and placed both of Kim’s wrists into one hand and using her free hand ripped Kim’s shirt open. Tearing herself away from Kim’s delicious mouth and licking the combined spit from her lips she glanced down at the exposed flesh and sighed lightly in appreciation. Kim who was battling against the hazy cloud of lust blocking her ability to think, started to struggle but winced when both her wrists were squeezed and the thigh intimately pressed against her slammed upward making Kim to whimper and almost see stars. As much as she had wanted to bite Shego’s invading tongue her deranged brain wouldn’t allow for such a shallow act to happen. She started to regret that at the moment. “Shit!” she gasped out slamming her head back as Shego hit a particular spot rendering her breathless and curiously wanting more. Shego was too busy looking at Kim’s soft skin to really notice the effect she had on the girl. “Let. Go of me Shego!” Kim cried out desperately, before she realized that she should have just called out for Ron opening her mouth Shego silenced her quickly as if reading her mind. “You call for him and I break every bone in his body starting with his small prick!” Shego snapped and Kim immediately shut her mouth and swallowed her yell “This is between you and me anyway” Shego said in a seductive voice near her ear and to Kim’s utter shame a shiver ran down her spine. Kim’s face was red from embarrassment and turned her face away when Shego unclasped her bra, revealing herself to the older woman’s gaze. Shego whistled appreciatively “Nice” Shego smiled down at the furious girl. As an after thought Shego frowned “You better be a virgin Kimmy” Shego growled out, all of a sudden disgusted that her Kim may have let some asshole touch her. Shego grabbed Kim’s wrist in one hand and moved her free hand down the side of Kim’s body, loving the goose bumps appearing on the soft flesh. Tentively Shego cupped Kim’s left breast feeling the weight and size of it in her palm. Shego smiled at the perfect fit. *I knew it* Kim squeezed her eyes firmly shut making sure her face remained impassive as a wave of humiliation rose within her. “What if I’m not” she replied indignantly eyes still closed trying to keep her mind off the soft hand touching her as no one else had before. Shego scowled at Kim’s implication “Then I’ll hunt the fucker down!” Shego said as she bent down tying to get Kim to open her eyes but got distracted when Kim’s short breath hit her face and she glanced down at her sweet mouth. Shego stole a quick kiss then laid a trail of kisses down her neck before viciously biting into the soft flesh and grabbed roughly at the soft mound. Kim groaned out in pain and immediately tensed trying to not move so Shego’s teeth wouldn’t accidentally hurt her more in the process. Ashamedly Kim let out a pitiful whimper when Shego started to lick the blood away from the wound and started tweaking her hardened nipple. “What the hell is wrong with you?! Let me fucking go! Stop it Shego! Just fuckin fight me like a normal person you perverted freak! God! Stop touching me…I…I don’t like it and…It’s wrong…and I…Just let Go!” Kim quirmed as the pain in her neck receded slightly as Shego tenderly licked at her. Shego gave a few more licks before she stared at Kim coldly not liking the images now cast in her head of Kim under some floozy, moaning and groaning under him as she was just doing a few moments before, just for her. “Who’s touched you?” Shego said it in a dead calmness that it was scarier than if Shego had of screamed at her, not letting up on the painful groping. Kim froze up again from shock and pleasure as Shego once again pinched her nipple. Biting her lip a thought suddenly struck her. Smiling slightly at her obviously insane enemy, she put her idea in motion. “Shego it’s none of your business so fuck off and let me go!” she bluffed, breathing deeply, not really knowing where she was going with this and slightly confused as her body heated up and a throbbing between her legs was becoming painfully distracting. Shego scowled “Who?!” she demanded. Bringing her face closer to the seething woman, Kim felt a sudden rise in confidence at the situation she was in. “Why Shego? Are you jealous?” she asked sarcastically. Shego just glared. Kim continued before Shego opened her mouth “Jealous that someone’s touched me maybe?” She mocked, locking her eyes with blazing green. She dared moving her body in a slow grind on the thigh still intimately pressed against her. A wave of pleasure shot through her system with each downward thrust and she held back a groan, focusing on her task. “Kissed me?” she licked at her dry lips and watched in satisfaction as Shego’s eyes darken and watched her tongue slide across her lips sensually. Kim continued on in a low huskier voice gaining enough leverage to bring her face next to Shego’s ear and boldly asked what she knew would snap Shego from her death grip of her “Fucked me?” she clucked out with a devious grin. Shego who had been suppressing the rising rage at Kim’s bold movement suddenly saw red, as visual images of what Kim was saying assaulted her mind. She slammed the teen back into the wall pulling her hands away she punched Kim brutally in the stomach winding her. Shego felt a sense of satisfaction as she watched Kim bend slightly gasping for air, erasing the smug look she had, had on her face. But before she could once again get a hold on the red head, Kim suddenly snapped up and punched her back driving Shego away from her enough so Kim could maneuver away. Kim scowled and resumed a fighting position. Shego found her balance and stood straight finding it amusing as she watched Kim go unaware that she was still exposed and was now giving Shego a very nice show. Kim was on a tightrope of nerves waiting for Shego to strike out but blushed brightly when she realized that her breasts were still exposed and held the attention of Shego’s deep gaze. Flushing Kim quickly snapped her bra in place and resumed the fighting stance, waiting on Shego to make the first move. “Now why’d you go and do that?” Shego asked referring to Kim’s now covered breasts “I was enjoying those ya’know” Kim’s glare intensified and she dashed forward tired of Shego’s callousness. Both of them engaged in another hard fast fight within the closed space and to Shego’s surprise it seemed her little hero finally grew a pair and was not holding back. With Kim enraged as she was, Shego knew she was now in major trouble and had to think fast if she didn’t want her gorgeous body to suffer too much under Kim’s skillful hands. *and not in the good way either* Kim on the other hand was just focused on taking Shego out for the humiliation and deprived things she had done to her. *What a bitch! Touching me, claiming me, saying those things to me! Argh!* She thought in frustration before she landed a very hard blow across Shego’s flawless face. Shego stumbled back and was surprised that she tasted blood. *what the fuck?!* Kim just stood at the ready staring her down with a pleased look on her face. Shego reciprocated with a malicious smile. “Round two?” she questioned with a raised brow. “Ding, Ding” Kim replied and they were again throwing punches and kicks at eachother. Kim flipped up and kicked Shego in the chin as she aimed a kick at Kim. When Kim landed lightly on the ground she quickly followed through with a sweep of her legs and brought Shego down. Kim rushed forward and straddled Shego’s waist. As soon as she was settled into the position she knew she had made a mistake. Shego gained enough strength and flipped Kim off her and rolled on top of the now pissed off teen. “Argh! Get off of me!” Kim exclaimed wriggling beneath Shego. “Hoo wee that was fun!” Shego said with a bright smile, not at all concerned at her beaten appearance. Feeling the blood pumping in her veins, she felt alive. *What a fucking kick it is fighting with Kim. It definitely gets her off!* She thought happily. Kim struggled out of Shego’s insanely strong hold. “Just let me go you bitch!” Kim snapped. Shego tilted her head and licked the blood off her lip in contemplation. “I never really noticed how much of a potty mouth you had become Kimmy, I don’t particularly like it.” Kim let out a sudden laugh and Shego squinted her eyes at Kim’s unexpected reaction. “What makes you fucking think I care what you think Shego?” Kim said cruelly. Shego responded in kind with a sharp right hook giving Kim a matching black eye her hand then immediately taking up Kim’s wrist. “Tit for tat baby” Shego said carelessly as she shifted slightly above her. The fight really did leave Shego a little sexually frustrated but she beamed at the prospect of getting little Miss America to help her out of that problem. Starting up a slow grind of her own, Shego made sure she was rubbing against the seam of Kimmy’s pant’s where Kim’s clit was, effectively making the struggling girl melt beneath her, despite it not being consensual. Watching Shego move above her, Kim suddenly felt as if she was being mildly electrocuted by millions of tiny pleasurable sparks. As it hit her all at once she found herself feeling even hotter than before. Gasping out she shut her eyes and lay still, hoping to stop the onslaught of feelings. “Frankly I don’t mmm…really give a shit what you…think either” Shego said increasing the pace and rotating her hips a little, smirking when she felt Kim timidly respond. “Stop Shego…” Kim gasped out feeling a coil start to tighten up in her stomach while the rest of her body felt like it was gonna melt. “I…I…What are you doing?” Biting her lip Kim started to rock back against Shego feeling a desperate need for release. “It feels good doesn’t it Kimmy?” Shego sneered loving the little gasps and moans Kim let out. “Stop! Please stop! Don’t do this. I can’t… I need… please, I please…oh please…ooohhh stop Shego. Stop! Please! Please stop! Just mmmoooh Fuck! Ah God…Please Don’t! Please?!” Kim cried out desperately even as she thrashed around searching for something she didn’t know, writhering as the pleasure coiled inside her “Stop Shego! I…I…mmmmm” Kim threw her head back grinding even harder against the raven head beauty. Shego was thrilled as she watched Kim lose herself to the lust she had driven into the reluctant girl. Kim suddenly froze when her mind had a sudden hit of clarity and she snapped her eyes open. “Oh god! Stop! Shego! Stop!” this time her struggles weren’t exactly what Shego expected and she was almost bucked off, losing her concentration. “Shit! Kimmy I was almost there!” Shego snarled down at the crying teen. “Please Shego let me go. Just get off me. Please stop this. Please? Let me go. Get off me. Just get off me. GET OFF ME SHEGO!!” Kim screamed out and a gush of tears followed. Pinning Kim down even harder Shego locked her eyes on Kim’s teary eyes. “I thought you would of liked to cum, after all you made yourself sound like the towns tramp earlier you fucking bitch!” Shego spat at her. Kim flinched and her eyes teared up once more as she felt an unexpected pain shoot through her at the harsh words. “Fuck you!” Kim got out between clenched teeth trying to gain enough leverage to buck the woman off her ignoring the painful throbbing between her legs and the tears still flowing down her cheeks. “I was trying to fuck you, but you ruined it!” Shego snapped back. Kim struggled a bit more before an all consuming sense of defeat overcame her and she sagged deflated. “Please Shego, this isn’t right…I don’t…you’re not….we don’t have this kind of relationship” Kim argued weakly trying to appease to Shego’s sane side truly convinced that Shego had finally lost her mind. Shaking her head at Kim, Shego ignored her words and started to kiss Kim’s sweaty neck, happy when Kim didn’t struggle. “Tell me who they were Kimmy” Shego whispered out between kisses. Kim lay there dejectedly for a moment then answered as she felt Shego clamp her teeth on her sore spot as a warning. “They who?” she rushed out then winced as Shego bit a little more into her. “The guys Kimmy. Tell me who touched you so I can go hunt them down.” Kim was sure all the breath left her lungs and that she should have been indignant to the whole concept of Shego going all feral on her but frankly she was just too drained from the experience. “No one Shego” she said softly turning her head away from the green eyes peering at her. Shego growled and let go of Kim’s arms in order to turn Kim’s face back to her. “Tell me who they are Kimmy! I don’t want to hurt you!” Kim rolled her eyes defiantly and remained silent. “WHO ARE THEY??!!” Shego roared in outrage. “Argh! I told you already, no one!” Kim replied exasperated with the fiery woman. Shego glared “Who. ARE. They?” “NO. ONE!” Kim stressed. “Fuckin hell Kimmy just tell me who-” “I’m a virgin alright! No one’s fuckin touched me!” Kim snapped impatiently before flushing a bright red in embarrassment. Shego froze and let the information process before a big smile spread across her face. “You happy now? Good. Now get the fuck off me” Kim spoke up regaining a little of her fight back after she watched Shego’s reaction to the news. Enraged and feeling the humiliation wash over her Kim started to buck and wriggle trying to get Shego to lose her balance. Ignoring Kim’s pitiful tries for escape Shego leaned down to steal another kiss from her girl *She’s so fucking perfect. Mmm. Kimmy goodness* Kim saw what she intended and widened her eyes and turned her face away. Shego was about to respond when the faint blare of sirens cut through the room. Kim immediately perked up and used Shego’s slight distraction to flip the girl off her. Turning away from the leering woman she ran to the door and unlocked it, but before she left she had to say something. “What we…you did in here Shego, remains in here. Don’t try it again. I don’t really want to know what you were thinking but whatever it is forget it.” Kim turned and locked eyes with the unreadable green staring back at her “I don’t want you. We are enemies. Nothing more…” with that parting shot she slid out the door escaping the looks she felt on her body. Shego sat for a moment before smiling. *Whatever gets you to sleep at night Kimmy.*
“Mmpf! Go way ma! 5 more minutes!” Kim complained as she lay in bed completely drained from last night’s activity. Mrs. Possible stared down at her daughter concerned and once again tried to nudge her baby girl awake “Kimmy sweetie, you have school in an hour, if you don’t wake up now then you’ll be late” she rubbed Kim’s back soothingly as her daughter’s eyes started to flutter open. As Kim reached consciousness and processed what her mum just said her eyes snapped open and she sat bolt up right in bed. “One hour?!” she screeched as she scrambled out of bed gathering up her toiletries. “I’m gonna be so late!” she whined as she rushed out of her room and into the bathroom. Mrs. Possible sat there smiling fondly at her daughter before going down to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Kim rushed through her morning ritual and got dressed in record time before rushing into the kitchen to greet her family good morning. Last night when she had gotten home she first had to deal with Wade and his questions, not to mention Ron and his questioning. All she had wanted to do was curl up in her bed and sleep it off but her duty to reassure Ron won out and she had sat there trying to explain the night’s events without actually explaining much at all. For the rest of the night she had been tormented by flash memories of what Shego had done to her. Tossing and turning until she fell into a dreamless sleep *thank God* Hence the reason she had felt compelled to sleep in today. “Morning all” Kim called out in a false cheerful voice. “Morning Kimmy cub” Dr. Possible called out smiling at his daughter as she gave him a peck on the cheek. “Morning Kim” the Tweebs called out quickly before ducking behind their dad. Kim rolled her eyes at them and walked over to her mom. “I’m sorry mom I can’t stay for breakfast I promised Ron I’d meet him before school” This wasn’t exactly a lie. She really did have to meet Ron, just not before school. She needed to be alone. She wasn’t in the mood to put up a false bravado in front of her family. “Alright sweetheart, see you later. Don’t forget that your grandmother is coming down this afternoon for you’re birthday this Saturday” Mrs. Possible kissed her daughter on the forehead and finished off making eggs and bacon on toast for the rest of her family. “Not a problem Mum! Bye!” Kim yelled out as she closed the front door. * * * Kim strode into the school with Ron by her side. She had spent the morning wandering aimlessly around the neighborhood in deep thought. Finally finished with her isolation faze she was in desperate need for people to be around her. She felt as if Shego was still watching her and it really put her on edge. Waiting on Monique at her locker she continued to pretend listening to Ron’s incessant chatter. “Seriously Kim, it’s the best thing to hit Buena Nacho since the Naco!” he exclaimed excitedly Rufus backing him up with his confirming nod. Kim just smiled and zoned off in her own little world. Frankly she hadn’t heard a thing Ron had said since they met up she would have felt bad if she wasn’t distracted by the tingles going up and down her spine. She had no idea what to do. It felt as if she was being watched but she knew that was ridiculous. She discreetly sighed in silent frustration as Ron changed the subject to some other useless thing. She really hated Shego for instilling this within her. She led a normal life. Daughter to a respected rocket scientist and neurologist, basic nuclear family, nice house, great friends; one being a child genius, another being a monkey Kun-Fu expert, and the only girl friend she was able to click with. She was the head cheerleader at school, student body president and sometimes on occasion she saved the world while juggling her love life. No. Big. No where in there was getting molested by a sexy cunning arch foe. Who, by the by, happens to also be a woman with an extreme grudge against her and in serious need for psychiatric therapy. She was straight damn it! She was a cheerleader for God’s sake! She couldn’t have liked what Shego had done to her. It was wrong. So very wrong! But no matter how much she berated herself in her mind, there was one constant thing that kept popping up. She just couldn’t wrap her mind around being dominated by Shego…and liking it… “Oh God!” Kim’s hand flew to her mouth as she went deathly pale then sickly green. “I think I’m gonna be sick” Kim said cutting into what ever Ron was talking about and rushing to the nearest toilet. * * * Shego sat at her desk listening to Drakken bitch and moan about his ruined plans. “We were so close Shego! then little miss Kim bloody Possible decided to stop by and ruin my plans. AGAIN!” he spat out angrily, pacing in front of the bored woman. “Shego where were you after Kim took the device from me? You disappeared with her for a very long time and I had to leave you because I didn’t know where you were, not to mention my face was hurting from Kim’s greeting kick.” Shego leaned back and looked at Drakken boredom clearly shown on her face “I was with Kimmy” she said out right, challenging Drakken to drag the conversation on with her eyes. “Oh” was all Drakken could say because he sensed she was in one of her moods again and didn’t want to push it. “Listen if you’re done whining I got places to be. Call me when you’ve hatched another scheme” With that Shego walked out on the confused blue man and ignored his questioning shouts after her. She really did have places to be. Now all she had to do was figure out where those places held Kim. * * * “Jesus Kim! Can you like be any more of a crap leader?” Bonnie asked snidely. She was of course referring to Kim’s tardiness, lack of routine and lack of uniform. “Bonnie I already told you what happened, stop riding my ass because of it.” “It’s always something with you isn’t it Possible? Guess its all hype. You really can’t do everything” Bonnie said while flipping her hair with practiced ease. Kim went to open her mouth to retort but before she could her Kimmunicator beeped. Kim sheepishly turned away from her squad and answered. “Wade? What’s the sitch, this better be good I’m getting chewed up by Bonnie right now.” Kim paused and played back what she had just said and blushed thankful that Wade seemed to not get the double innuendo there. *God one sexual experience and your minds shot to shit! Just great!* Kim scolded herself. “Oh sorry Kim I just wanted to tell ya that Professor Leindart just dropped off a present as an additional thank you and early birthday gift” Wade said cheerfully and Kim perked up at this. “Really what did I get?” Kim said excited. * * * Bonnie stood back and slightly away from the other girls as their ‘leader’ took her precious phone call. *God I fuckin hate her!* Bonnie watched the cute red head as she suddenly beamed her pretty smile at who ever she was talking to ignoring the twinge of jealousy she felt for whoever was on the other screen. “He gave me a what?!” Bonnie heard her exclaim loudly. Now, even her curiosity was perked. Leaning closer she started to blatantly eavesdrop on Kim’s conversation. “He gave me a car?! I can’t take that! That’s too much! Give it back!” Kim cried out, on the verge of hysterical. It was kinda funny and cute on the red head. Bonnie very rarely got to see Kim lose her cool *Unless of course, if she was fighting with me* “Sorry Kim, but he won’t take it back, plus it’s already detailed and officially in your name so even if you took it back you’d still be the legal owner. It pays to do things for multi-millionaires huh Kim?” Wade said trying to ease Kim into the idea with a disarming smile plastered on his face. Kim was just shocked; again. A car; an actual car, all hers, and an environmentally friendly sports car none the less decked out with the most high tech gear it would of made Wade drool if he wasn’t capable of replicating the devices himself. She was over the moon. “YESS! Yay me with the new ride!” she said jumping up and down and grabbing the closest person to her in a hug spontaneously. “Wade this is awesome! I’ve got a car!” She squealed happily not breaking from the hug with whoever was in her arms and shoving the Kimmunicator back in her pocket so she could share her enthusiasm with whoever was hugging her back. Of coarse it just happened to be Bonnie. Kim cringed slightly and started backing off of the brunette, but to her surprise Bonnie stilled her movements and stepped in a little closer to Kim. “Congratulations Possible, having a car boosts your cool points. Doesn’t mean you’ll ever be popular though” Bonnie got out in a harsh voice contradicting the soft and sweet way she was hugging Kim. “You won’t have to worry about that Bonnie” Kim slid her hands up and down Bonnie’s back lightly, brushing her finger tips over the exposed skin on the small of her back. “It’s not popularity that I want…” lowering her voice Kim smiled cheekily and trailed idle patterns along the smooth skin that had heated up “What’s wrong Bonnie? You seem a little short of breath and tense?” Cocking a delicate brow Kim leaned back to look at the shocked and frozen girl. Kim let Bonnie go all together and laughed. *hehehe that was fun* Kim suddenly paled when she felt the hairs at the back of her neck stand on end. Without thinking Kim tackled Bonnie who was busy staring at her wide eyed. “Ommpf” Bonnie got out and paled even more when she realized she had a frantic Kim on top of her. As she opened her mouth to say something she was roughly pulled up into Kim as she rolled the both of them to the left. “Everybody out!” Kim screamed frantically *What the hell is she doing here?!* Turning Bonnie away from the plasma blast Kim hissed slightly when it skimmed her skin at her left shoulder. Gritting her teeth she looked around and shoved Bonnie behind the bleacher’s. “Stay here” she ordered distractedly as Shego came up and tackled Kim away from Bonnie. What surprised her in this situation was that instead of focusing her attention on Kim it seemed Shego had it in for the dumfounded brunette. Grabbing a great deal of Kim’s silky locks Shego shoved Kim’s head into the wall and let the disoriented girl slide down before turning slowly to the confused cheerleader. “Who the hell are you?! You psycho!” Bonnie asked in outrage as the woman focused her jealous filled gaze at her. “I’m the bitch that’s gonna kill you for touching what’s mi- ugh!” Kim got in behind Shego and had slammed a foot to the side of her face effectively rendering the enraged woman unconscious and on the ground. Kim kneeled slightly with a hand on her head as she gazed down at the knocked out woman. “Let me guess. This is one of your freak friends, you associate with” Bonnie asked walking over to Kim and also looking down at the woman. “If by friend you mean the side kick to one of world’s most wanted mad scientist’s then. Yeah” Kim got up and looked Bonnie over tiredly. Bonnie looked back in indignation secretly pleased with Kim’s roving attention. “What?” she snapped afraid if she indulged in the feeling too long Kim will start to suspect. “I’m just scanning you for any visible injuries. I didn’t hurt you did I?” Bonnie felt all nice inside at Kim’s concerned words ignoring the emotionless tone she had used. “Why Kim? Concerned for lil ol me?” Bonnie shot back. Kim rolled her eyes and looked at Bonnie dead in the eyes “Not a chance” she said seriously. Bonnie used a lot of will power not to flinch at Kim’s hurtful words. *Guess I deserve nothing less* Turning her head away from the girl who was now occupied with checking Shego for injuries, Bonnie felt her eyes blur with unshed tears. “Go home Bonnie. Practice is over and I got to get Shego out of here.” Bonnie just watched as Kim surprisingly picked the woman up gently into her arms. Bonnie again felt that twinge of jealousy surface with the person being held so carefully by her number one annoyance. “Do you want a lift to the station” Bonnie unexpectedly asked. Kim didn’t even blink “No, I got it covered.” True to her word as soon as Kim walked out of the building Bonnie saw a black van drive up and two men in suites get out of the car taking Shego out of her arms, before driving off. Kim stood there a moment and Bonnie could have sworn her shoulder’s sagged for a moment but that passed as soon as Kim turned and looked at her. Raising a brow Kim just shook her head and started walking away from her. *I really fucking hate you Kim Possible! I hate you so much! I can’t stand you! God! Your such a little bitch! You walk around so high and mighty when you don’t realize you’re the worst kind of bitch. You make people feel like shit with out even meaning to! That’s why I’m better, that’s why I’m popular. That’s why I’m loved!* sighing Bonnie looked at the retreating figure making sure she had her back to her before she let a tear fall *You fucking bitch… I hate you…I hate you for being the person I had to fall for…my forbidden fruit…and you don’t even notice me!* with gritted teeth Bonnie turned her back on the retreating red head and walked to her car alone. * * * Kim walked home confused more than ever. *What the fuck was that?! What was she thinking? Why was she there? What’s her problem with Bonnie? What did Bonnie do now?* She was so distracted that she didn’t notice the figure that suddenly appeared beside her. “Penny for your thought’s KP?” Ron asked with a wide smile. “Ron!” Kim exclaimed slightly louder than necessary, blushing prettily as she looked over at her amused friend. “Whoa, switch to decaf Kim” Ron held up his hands and patted at the air as he stepped away from his best friend. Flicking her hair she looked at him with a glare “Ron? Maybe next time you pop up you could” motioning with her hands “I dunno…maybe make some noise.” Ron rubbed the back of his head sheepishly “But I did you just happened to be off in space where �the normal man’ may not follow” he jokingly responded. Rolling her eyes she pushed at him but smiled, thankful for the distraction he brought her. “So what’s up?” she asked walking slightly slower now. “Wondered if you wanted to accompany a lonesome handsome boy to Buena Nacho, for some snakage and QT” an indignant grunt came from the inside of Ron’s pants, and Ron glanced down at Rufus. “Oh and Rufus too.” Raising a brow Kim looked at him “QT?” Ron gave her an aghast look “Kim, get with the lingo! QT equals quality time…hello, where have you been?!” * * * Kim just laughed and shook her head “C’mon O master of the teen slang, lets get some grub” grabbing onto his arm she started to cross the road. “Grub? Now really who say’s grub anymore” Ron said in mock exasperation. “Ron…don’t push it” “Shutting up now” The two friends strolled down the road towards the popular fast food restaurant oblivious to the raging green eyes watching them from the roof tops. *First the brunette now the side kick! What the hell!* Shego tailed behind them and watched a while away as they made it to Buena Nacho. She watched as Kim laughed and interacted with Stoppable and grew angrier by the minute. Her mood had steadily gone from bad to worse as she watched her girl flirt with the blonde boy and the guy at the counter. *First I get to her school and she’s flirting with another girl, then I get caught and have to exert effort in getting out, now the bitch is on a date with the side kick! Is she purposely asking me to kill her annoying sidekick?* Sighing, she watched them get up to leave. Shego tailed after them some more and followed her girl home when her and dufus boy went their separate ways. A sinister smile appeared on her face as Kim casually walked inside the Possible residence. Shego crept from roof top to rooftop before flipping onto Kim’s. “Lets see where the princess’s room is shall we” Slinking across the room and peering in at different window’s around the house Shego finally found her target and beamed when she realized that Kim’s room was on the opposite side of the house from her parents and twin brother’s room. “Bingo” Shego decided to sit and watch her little Kimmy go threw her nightly ritual before climbing into bed and falling asleep. A tender smile lit up Shego’s face *How can some one like her be the one I fell for. She’s everything I hate. Sweet, nice, girly, tender, loving, happy, a cheerleader and most of all a hero. I’m completely opposite from her and yet she’s the one I want because she’s the only one that can complete me. What I lack she has, and what I need she’ll give me. I want her like I’ve wanted nothing before* Peering in and gazing at Kim as she slept on oblivious Shego decided she had waited enough and quietly opened Kim’s window and creeped in. Silently walking over to Kim’s bed Shego took out a pair of cuffs and gently took each of her wrists into her hand and snapping her wrists above her head. Shego felt a sharp flutter in her stomach as she took in Kim in her vulnerable position. Kim’s hands were stretched above her and her head rested lightly on her left arm exposing her delicate neck. Slowly stripping the blanket away from her, Shego stripped off what she wore and walked delicately down the step’s of Kim’s room to lock her door. Naked Shego decided she was ready for Kim to be awake. Climbing onto the bed Shego slowly straddled the teen hero and placed a hand on either side of her head before leaning down to place delicate kisses to Kim’s soft lips. Kim moaned slightly after awhile and Shego’s smile just grew *hmm interesting, Little Kimmy likes to be teased* Making sure she didn’t let her lips stay on Kim’s long Shego captured the soft lips again and smiled as she let them go and Kim followed sleepily after them. “Please…” Kim whispered out and leaned up some more for the pleasurable feeling to come back to her. Kim was buzzing on a sweet high, she felt really relaxed and a tingle would jolt through her originating from her lips but soon grew frustrated when that jolt would leave all too soon before coming back. Kim went to grab for it but snapped to awareness when she realized she couldn’t move her arm’s at all. When she went to sit up she grimaced and realized that her hands were bound and a soft body was on top of hers, before Kim could scream she choked when a demanding tongue was shoved into her mouth. Snapping her eyes open she could make out the curtain of hair surrounding her and instantly knew who it was. For a second Kim felt relief that it wasn’t someone else but then berated herself for feeling like that and started to panic when the full force of her predicament came to her. “Mmfph! Ffagh! Mmfpt!” Kim got out between Shego’s demanding exploration of her mouth. Shego felt herself heat up as Kim struggled beneath her and wriggled against her body “ooohh” Shego got out huskily and Kim froze causing Shego to break away from the kiss to chuckle “What’s the matter princess? I thought you of all people would know how much of a turn on it is for me to see you squirm.” Kim growled “What are you doing here?! Shouldn’t you be in jail by now?” Shego didn’t answer but leaned down to rest her head in the crook of Kim’s shoulder and neck relaxing on top of her. “Ommfph!” Kim let out as Shego lay on top of her fully “It’s called I diet Shego.” “But baby, I thought you liked me for me and not my body” Shego got out and started placing teasing kisses on the exposed flesh before her. “I don’t like you at all you bitch! Now untie me and leave!” Kim snapped back. Shego just shook her head then smiled. “Alright I’ll leave” Kim gave her a suspicious look “But on one condition” Shego shifted her body so she was lying beside her teen goddess. Kim glared at her foe but conceded “What condition?” Shego leaned over and stole a quick kiss before Kim tore her lips away “Kiss me Kimmy” Kim snapped her head around to look at Shego incredulously “What?!” she shrieked out and glared when Shego just laughed. “Tsk. Tsk. be quiet princess, wouldn’t want the fam to know I’m here now do we” Shego said in mock concern of Kim’s boisterous protesting. Kim opened her mouth to reply but one look in Shego’s eyes told her that it would be dangerous for any of her family to find her in this position. Not because of the shock but because somewhere in the depth of Shego’s green eyes held a hidden threat. Kim’s eyes grew glassy from unshed tears “Please” she whispered out hoarsely “just leave Shego” “Na-uh…our fight sorta left me wanting” She grinded her hips forward suggestively against Kim “and I intend to get what I want besides it’s not a bad condition if ya think about it” Kim shook her head and glared up at the dark figure above her “This is a new low…even for you” Shego just stared back sitting up slightly using her other hand to gently cup the clothed braless breast, smirking at the hardness she instantly felt poke against her palm. “How do you figure that?” It took Kim a moment to answer “I never would of pegged you for a rapist!” she spat out with as much disdain as she could considering her situation and the heat generating between them both. Shego sat still for a moment before she stared Kim down for a few moments relishing in Kim’s stubborn attitude as she stared right back before unexpectedly catching Kim’s lips in a hard fast kiss “All I want is a kiss” She went on ignoring Kim’s words. Kim gasped in surprise and started to struggle against Shego with renewed force but stilled as she felt Shego’s tongue against hers. She felt shame cloud her as she heard herself moan in unwanted pleasure. At this Shego immediately broke the kiss and held herself a breath away. “You can’t rape those who are willing baby” She said snidely before ripping apart Kim’s shirt. “And whether you want to admit it or not. You’re willing” Shego trailed her hand down from Kim’s check to cup a breast in each hand as she positioned herself on top of Kim once more. Kim lay there panting as a lone tear slid down her face. “Fuck you!” she whispered harshly. “Not now, but definitely later” Shego replied offhandedly as she caressed and squeezed Kim’s mounds causing Kim’s body to react and arch up. Breathing deeply Kim fought against what Shego was doing to her. “c’mon Kimmy, it’s just one kiss and I’ll stop and leave you for tonight” Shego went on and just for the shock she trailed her hands over Kim’s toned stomach to the edge of her pants. “No! Stop! Ok, ok…i’ll…do it” Kim forced herself to say. Shego smirked and led her hands back up to Kim’s breasts kneading them. “Hey! What are you doing?!” Kim tried to force her back more into the mattress as an attempt to get out of Shego’s reach. “Waiting for your kiss” Shego said as if it were obvious smiling at Kim’s flushed appearance and ragged breaths. “Yeah but…ummm” Kim trailed off as Shego bit softly at Kim’s neck. Shego was surprised when she realized she couldn’t find her mark. “Shego…” Kim started to say tiredly. “Where’s my mark Kimmy?” Shego said cutting off whatever Kim was about to say. Kim sighed and answered knowing Shego wouldn’t let it go until she answered. “Wade made a special advanced ointment for the many cuts and bruises I get. It basically heals them over night” Kim spoke softly. Shego for her part felt extremely at peace at the soft tone of voice Kim was using with her. “You get hurt?” Shego asked dumbly and Kim just raised a brow. “Well yeah. I mean sure, I can do anything, but that doesn’t mean I’m invincible. Not to mention most my cuts and bruises come from you” Shego smirked cockily “As they should baby. I’m the only one allowed to hurt you now” Kim was starting to get annoyed with Shego’s unashamed possessive streak. “I’m not yours for you to order around Shego” Kim said boldly turning her head away on her enemy focusing on the moon outside her room window. “The hell you’re not Possible!” Shego stared down at Kim “You are mine!” She said harshly ignoring Kim’s wild bucking and grabbed her face bringing Kim in a smoldering kiss. “Your body is mine!” Shego lowered herself more into Kim and slid her body slowly down Kim’s body taking a rose coloured nipple in her mouth and sucking lightly thrashing her tongue against the hard flesh and pinching the other. Kim arched her back and stilled her wild movements and internally arguing for more and release from Shego’s holds. Kim pressed herself into Shego’s mouth moaning as her body responded to Shego again. “Please Shego, stop! I can’t….ohhhh….please I don’t want this…Shego stop! Please stop!” Kim cried out in between pants as softly as she could. Her body had submitted to the raven head and she felt the heat between them flare up again. Shego was enjoying her newly found toys. She leaned back up and instead of getting Kim to engage in another bruising kiss Shego decided to go slower and give Kim a taste of the love Shego felt towards her. Breaking away Kim let the tears fall and Shego kissed away the tears. “I hate you” Kim whispered out. Shego felt as if something was trying to squeeze the blood out of her heart in one go and almost choked on the pain it caused to hear such things. “You don’t mean that” Shego stated, even as a hint of doubt clouded her voice. “How the fuck would you know what I mean? You don’t just wake up one morning Shego and decide that maybe instead of trying to kill your enemy I’m going to mind fuck her as well as molest her!” Kim again started to push Shego away but Shego wouldn’t budge. “You can’t hate me baby” Shego answered softly. “Why are you doing this? I don’t want you!” Kim asked in a cracked voice trying to sound as confident as possible considering the situation. “Keep saying it, maybe one day you’ll believe it” Shego reached down and captured Kim’s lips in another kiss. “mmm please Shego Stop…I-I can’t…please!” Kim tried prying her mouth away but gasped and froze as Shego again started up the pleasurable touching to her sensitive breasts. “You are mine Kimmy” Shego said between possessive kisses. Kim responded with a low moan. “Your body is mine” Shego continued breaking away from the delectable mouth and trailing kisses down the nape of Kim’s neck. “Please…” Kim got out breathlessly unconsciously moving her hips seeking for the friction she needed “What are you doing to me? Stop this. Please stop this. I can’t do this with you Shego, were enemies…OH GOD!” Kim gasped out as Shego once again clamped her mouth on Kim’s nipple. “Don’t! Not there! Please Shego stop, please! I can’t…Ohhhh! God! Why are you doing this to me?!” a few tears made their way down Kim’s flushed cheeks. Shego chuckled “God aint doing shit to ya baby. I am!” “Pl-please, fuck! You don’t understand! I need! Oh god! Don’t! Please Don’t!” Moving her hips about even more Kim moaned loudly as Shego moved her thigh in place “Yesss!” Kim hissed out before freezing once more when she realized what she just said. “Argh! Shego don’t do this…I’ll do anything…please just stop!” Kim cried out desperately, her body a tight coil of tension as Kim inadvertently arched into Shego some more. Shego extricated herself from the delectable flesh and gazed down at her desperate love relenting slightly. “You already know what I want princess. Just do it and I’m gone” Kim stared at Shego a few tears escaping but nodded her head. “okay” she whispered out and winced when Shego gave one last tongue flick to her sensitive nipple. Shego crawled up Kim’s body and positioned herself so Kim could lean up and give her a kiss whenever she wanted. “I don’t want you to do a half ass job of it either…I want you to kiss me like you mean it” Kim tensed then relaxed under Shego and again just nodded. She was still embarrassed to feel Shego so intimately pressed against her. With her top half naked and Shego not wearing anything Kim found the contact between them a little disconcerting. “One kiss Shego, then you let me go and leave” Kim confirmed as she leaned a breath away from Shego’s lips. “Yess” Shego got out closing her eyes and moaning at the first tentative touch of Kim’s lips.
Kim pressed her lips to Shego’s clearing her mind and forcing herself to go through with this. She had no clue what she was doing only that she should move her lips against this crazy woman for awhile in order to get out of the ridiculous situation. Shego was enjoying this, Kim moving her lips so tenderly it almost made her want to weep. She was surprised when Kim didn’t break away after awhile and began to actually kiss her. Shego had been dreaming of this moment. Given, Kim had no choice but to kiss her, but Shego didn’t focus on that. All she felt and knew was that Kim Possible was willingly kissing her. Kim started to get into this. *If I have to do this I might as well enjoy it* she explained it to herself. Opening her mouth slightly she brushed her tongue against the opening of Shego’s mouth and felt a thrill travel down her spine as she heard Shego’s audible approval of the movement. �mmm� Shego let out and she started to lightly caress Kim’s sides obviously trying not to spook Kim out of her submissive state. Kim was aware of Shego’s hands but decided to let it slide as she felt Shego tentively brush her tongue against hers. *What am I doing? This was supposed to be a simple kiss! Not a make out session* but despite her thoughts Kim opened up further and dueled against Shego’s tongue for dominance *Heh even in the bedroom we fight* She thought off handedly as she tried to get out of her bonds instinctively to place them in Shego’s long hair. “Umph!” Kim got out as she grew frustrated at her inability to move. Ripping her mouth away from the enjoyable kiss she breathed deeply catching her breath. “Shego…untie my hands” She pleaded not knowing whether she asked because she had completed her condition or because she desperately wanted to do this on her terms. Shego gazed down at Kim, first her pleading confused eyes, to her bruised lips which had been torturing her just moments before and bit her own lip. As much as she wanted to keep Kim where she was she knew she had to keep her word and release the girl. If not for her word then for the fact she was hopeless to Kim’s demands. Shego smirked slightly and nodded. Slowly sliding her body up and off of Kim she smiled at the sharp gasp from Kim. Walking over to her discarded clothes she fished around in her pockets and got the key. Turning back to her panting love she took a moment to just admire the erotic position Kim was in, knowing that as soon as she let the teen go she would have to flee. “Seemed you were enjoying your self Kim…are you sure you want me to untie you” Thousands of unspoken messages were told in that simple sentence. Kim locked eyes with Shego’s fiery green and almost submitted again before she shook herself out of it and nodded “We made a deal and I complied…our business is finished Shego” Kim surprised herself with her unwavering tone. Shego again just nodded and kept her face impassive walking over to the teen and gently raising the tussled blanket over Kim’s body shielding Kim’s exposed flesh from her before gently un cuffing Kim’s wrists. Shego sat beside Kim as she rubbed at her wrists before shifting into a sitting position, one hand clutched at the blanket to make sure it stayed in place. They were silent, not really doing much else but gazing at eachother before Kim suddenly struck out at Shego and punched her in the face. “Ah! Shit! What the fu-!” Before Shego could continue her tirade Kim had shot out of bed and grabbed Shego in a hot steamy kiss. Shego immediately wrapped her arms around Kim and engaged herself in the kiss aswell. Kim brought Shego back down with her so she was lying on top of her and blocked everything out except the feel of Shego’s mouth and her own hand deeply entwined in Shego’s raven locks. Breaking away for breath Shego opened her eyes only to close them again as Kim forced her mouth back onto hers. Starting to shove the blanket down and off Kim’s body Shego slowly trailed her fingers down the expanse of smooth skin before gently cupping Kim’s breast. When she felt Kim freeze she immediately let go and slid her hand down to trace patterns on Kim’s stomach, not wanting to ruin the moment. Kim groaned against Shego’s mouth as she felt that familiar throbbing start between her thighs and sighed when Shego’s gentle touch played across her stomach. Kim didn’t want to know why she was doing this only that it felt good and that it was finally on her terms. She didn’t want to think too much and freak out because despite everything prior to this she really was enjoying this. “Shego…” she moaned out and clutched at Shego’s head some more. Shego smiled and positioned her self above Kim again with a thigh slowly edging between Kim’s thighs. “Mmmm” Kim moaned throatily throwing her head back and stating to rock against Shego’s thigh. Her brain had to pick that moment to shove the immoralness into her psyche and Kim stopped immediately. She halted all movements and just went limp trying to calm her rapid breathing and almost out of control lust. “Shego…stop, wait” Kim still had her hands softly embedded in Shego’s hair, so Shego wasn’t really inclined to get out of dodge just yet. “Kimmy…I just gotta say” Shego looked up at Kim “your timing sucks” Kim smirked slightly before it disappeared and Kim’s serious face came “I… we need to have a talk” she motioned for Shego to get off her. Shego shook her head and started placing kisses up the column of Kim’s neck until she reached her ear. “So talk” She flicked her tongue out and Kim tensed. “Stop that” Kim shoved at Shego and watched amused as Shego almost fell out of her bed. Scowling Shego sat up and peered down at Kim. Kim flushed when she finally got an up close look of Shego in all her naked glory. With the moon shining in behind her Kim was entranced by her beauty and had to take a moment to focus “Could you…umm…get dressed please” she asked flustered when she realized she would get distracted. Shego smirked and leaned down again only to be thwarted as Kim moved away “What’s wrong Kimmy? Distracted by me?” “No! it’s just…Shego! Focus!” Kim said desperately again clutching at the blanket and making sure it was covering her. Shego shrugged and casually walked over to her clothing putting extra sway in her hips as she walked knowing Kim was watching her like a hawk. Sitting back down Shego grabbed at Kim and positioned them so Kim was snuggled against her side. Kim squealed slightly but cut that short when she realized what Shego had just done. She relaxed and got more comfortable not wanting to dwell on the fact she was so at ease with this whole situation. “So…what’s on your mind princess” Shego got out stroking Kim’s soft hair. Kim lay there a moment trying to put together a proper sentence “you” she said simply after awhile, looking up at Shego as she just responded with an inquiring raised brow. “Why you’re doing this. What’s it mean…for the both of us. I mean, this all does seem a little sudden. One moment I was blissfully unaware and untouched then the next thing I know I’m shoved, literally, into a world of hot groping fun with a sexy female and not just any female. But apparently my lesbian tendency arch foe” Shego laughed in content, still gently stroking Kim’s hair. “Hot groping fun with sexy female huh?” She smirked when she looked down at Kim’s red face. “Shego…Focus!” Kim said in obvious embarrassment. She really hadn’t been thinking about what she was saying only focusing on getting the message across. It was hard considering how safe and warm she felt in the arms of her prior molester. Shego softly smiled down at her flustered girl “I love you” She said even more simply, laughing when Kim just blinked at her in shock. “Like I said before. Your mine…and I’m yours” shrugging her shoulders Shego slid down and cuddled into Kim “Not really much to discuss baby” Kim couldn’t wrap her mind around Shego’s dismissive and casual nature to such a serious subject. “wh-what? Wait…I’m not…were not…what?” Kim got out confused as her brain started to process what she had just been told. “How? When? Wait! Since when am I yours? I never agreed to this. You can’t just dish that out and…” Kim sat up and pulled the blanket with her causing Shego to lose balance and fall off the bed. “ommpf!” Kim looked down at Shego and felt that all encompassing panic well up inside her “You need to leave Shego. I want you to leave. I did what you asked now you…” Kim stood up as well when Shego did definitely panicking now. Breathing in quickly Kim glanced around her room clutching her sheet to her chest. Turning to look at the panicking teen Shego just glared not happy at the sudden mood change. Stepping forward to grab at Kim thinking that if she could just sooth her everything will be ok, but before she could reach over and embrace the young girl they heard a creaking noise from down the hall and froze. Shego ignored it and looked at Kim who was even more distraught “Shego you have to leave” Kim asked in a pleading voice motioning towards the window. Shego blantedly ignored Kim’s plea “Why? I told you I love you…what more is there that you want?” Shego inquired, frustration in her voice. Kim looked at her incredulously “Oh I’m sorry, excuse me for not just accepting that my evil arch nemesis who happens to be a woman just confessed her love to me. I may be able to do a lot of things but this…” motioning between them “is definitely testing that theory” Kim gave her an ‘are you crazy look’ “You really need to leave…you promised” Kim whined petulantly and desperate even more so than before. Shego was about to retort but didn’t want to further escalate the situation by provoking Kim. She took a step closer to Kim wanting to be near her as if by being closer they could avoid this whole conversation. “I am in love with you Possible…what? Do you want it in writing?” Kim rolled her eyes not at all surprised at Shego’s non serious nature with this whole situation. “Argh! Your impossible.” “Well if you would just relax and come here, I’ll have my own Possible to erase that!” Shego mocked back, again stepping closer to her distracted would be lover. “I can’t” Kim got out in desperation again hearing a creak in the hallway ignoring Shego’s instant crushed expression “We can’t” she added and relaxed slightly when the noise stopped. She took a deep breath and locked her gaze with Shego’s trying to explain to her “Were enemies Shego…how would it work? It would never work. What did you think? We would fight eachother on missions but go out on the side? That would never work…that’s not even a healthy relationship…what the hell?! we don’t even have a relationship to start with! This is insane. No! You’re insane! You can’t just come here and tie me up and think that I would fall in love with you! I could never do that…I could never date someone like you” Kim said in contempt, once again angered by Shego’s confidence. *I could never date someone like you* reverberated around Shego’s head for awhile and she scowled when she felt that pain in her heart once more. *God damnit!* “Why not?!” she asked indignant edging closer to Kim “I know you want me… It’s obvious in the way you just kissed me, respond to me, moan and groan against me…touched me, look at me…hell even fight with me. Your body wants me princess and there’s no use in denying it. I bet if I placed my hand down your pants and in between your legs it would come away wet. Your soaking and you know it. You feel it, the desire, the heat, the want” she got out in a husky seductive tone deliberately using crude language for shock value. “Come here I’ll show you how good we could be” she practically pleaded reaching out for Kim. Sighing “Even if what you say is true Shego, it just confirms everything. We would never have the type of relationship I want. I don’t want lust…I want love” Kim sat down on the bed and watched as Shego kneeled before her and wrapped her arms desperately around her middle. It didn’t escape her how this position basically had Shego on her knees in front of her begging. Kim made no move to touch Shego back “I want the romance, the affection, the tenderness that you don’t possess and most importantly I want to be able to go out in public and show you off. You’re a criminal Shego and I’m…I’m a teen hero. We wouldn’t go together. Not to mention we were both born with the same body parts. We are enemies” Kim stated again, her voice cracking at the end realizing the direness of their situation. Beyond confused and rationalizing anything Kim sat there just gazing at the opposite wall calling upon all her will power not to touch the woman kneeling in front of her. She knew this was a weird situation. One moment she hated the woman, the next… she didn’t even know what she felt. Kim had been confident that she would have been glad to see Shego off to jail for the things she had done to her, but what was she supposed to do now. Emotions are now involved and as much as she hated to admit it she did feel something, she realized it was repressed for the sake of her missions but this sudden up front collision into reality wasn’t helping. She needed time. She was so confused and it was really starting to piss her off. “but-” Shego tried to say. “It would never work” Kim continued somberly. “You already said that!” Shego spat starting to get angry herself. “I…why are you making this so difficult?!” Kim cried out desperation and pleading in her voice. Looking down at Shego “Scratch that, why is this whole situation difficult?” Kim asked herself aloud. “Shego stop…let go” Kim tried prying Shego off of her but Shego held on desperately. This whole situation was getting a bit too emotional and Kim felt tears blur her vision. *What is happening here?* Focusing her gaze on the opposite wall she said the one thing she knew that would get Shego to leave. Kim hesitated “You and I can never be! Why can’t you get that?! Let Go! I…I don’t love you Shego!” Kim exclaimed “We could never work! I don’t want you damn it! Just let go Shego! Leave! Get out of here, leave me alone we have nothing to discuss anymore!” tears started to fall down Kim’s cheeks as she batted away at Shego’s back wanting her to let her go. Figuratively and physically “we could never work…because I don’t love you” She whispered brokenly avoiding eye contact with the older woman. Shego felt as if someone drove a rather large knife through her heart and twisted. Shego grasped onto Kim and looked up trying to get Kim to look at her and repeat what she said. Denial and desperation welling up within her. “Look at me!” She said loudly not at all concerned at the volume she was using or if whether she woke up the rest of Kim’s family. “Just leave! Please! Just go away!” Kim looked down at Shego, crying and blantedly pleading with her. Immediately letting go and standing up Shego stumbled away from Kim and looked at her in horror. “Kimmy…you…you can’t” But looking at Kim, face turned away from her and tears running down her delicate face Shego knew she had to get out of there before she broke down from Kim’s harsh words and heart breaking face. Shego slowly went to the window half climbing out and whispered in a broken tone “I would have changed for you ya know…I would have been what you wanted me to be. We could make this work…I love you Kim…I would have done whatever it took to be with you…even change sides” stepping out she had one last parting shot “This isn’t over princess…you are mine and I am yours….whether you want it that way or not” Before Kim could respond to Shego’s chilling words she had disappeared. “Great” Kim muttered flopping back on the bed knowing she wasn’t about to fall back asleep anytime soon. * * * Shego stormed into the lair in a shitty mood, relishing as people fled out of her way. She looked around a moment and took a deep breath. Drakken was off in his office scheming and she couldn’t be bothered interacting with him at the moment so she instead turned and immediately grabbed a random henchman. Slamming him into a wall Shego kissed him “Bedroom now!” She demanded in between heated kisses not really looking at who ever she was kissing. *Fuck Kim!* she cussed in her mind as she tore off the henchman’s clothing dragging him off in the direction of her room. *What does she know anyway. She does too love me. She can’t hate me if she didn’t love me* Shego ranted in her head half focusing on the henchman. The henchmen were used to this type of behaviour from their Second in command. They waited on baited breath for these types of moments. Shego was hot despite her off coloured attitude and psycho tendencies. She was definitely the most lusted after side kick in their business and they were very glad to be under her command. She was the best after all, some might dispute that she was the real brains behind everything and Drakken was just there for her amusement. Shego pushed the naked henchman on her bed and quickly disrobed not bothering in kissing him any more she straddled him and impaled herself on his hot stiff cock. “Ugh!” Shego grunted out getting accustomed to his size and setting the pace for both of them. “Oh God Shego!” The henchman cried out in pleasure gripping her hips. “Shh no talking!” Shego got out between deep pants focusing on pounding herself closer to oblivion. “Fuck! Mmm” Shego flipped them so the guy was on top and wrapped her legs around his waist “Fuck me!” she demanded. He complied and started thrusting in and out of Shego his eyes rolling in the back of his head as she tightened around him. Gasping and dragging her nails down his back, she relished in his tense muscles and hiss of pain “Harder!” she groaned out bucking upwards almost uncontrollably “Deeper…” she moaned trying to erase Kim from her mind and to her horror her emotions decided this moment to make themselves present. Pushing at the guy Shego started to cry “No! get off! Stop!” The henchman froze in mid thrust, shocked at the turn of events. Looking down at his distraught commander he immediately got off her “Shego I’m sorry… what did I do?” Before he could say anymore, she dismissed him “Fuck off!” Taking a moment to gather his clothes, the henchman glanced back at her in worry before scurrying off. Curling up on her bed she silently wept for the pain Kim had caused her today. *Shit I couldn’t even get off! I was so close too!* wiping away her tears Shego trailed her hand down in between her legs and started to softly stroke her aching clit bucking up into her hand and groaning at how sensitive it was. Closing her eyes and brining up a picture of her love, Shego started to rub herself more vigorously before entering herself with two fingers. “Oh Kim” She moaned out into the empty room. Shoving them in and out of herself at a fast pace “Oh God Kimm…mmm love you baby…don’t stop baby…oh God…so good! Fuck mmm” Using her other hand she tweaked her nipples and kneaded them in the one hand. “Oh baby…oh Kim…fuck! fuck, almost…” the squelching of rhythmic pounding could be heard and Shego focused on the image of Kim writhering beneath her in her mind. As she tensed up Shego called out Kim’s name as she finally came. “Oh God! Fuck! Kiiimmmm!!!!” Panting she extracted her hand from between her legs and sucked them dry before snuggling deeper into her covers and drifting off to sleep. *you will be mine Kimmy. I’m getting sick of this shit* * * * Kim walked around school in a daze the next day. She had to sit and deal with her granny make comment after comment about her new car and endure even more questioning from her overprotective father. They had both finally relented when they realized Professor Leindart wasn’t some pedophile out to get her and was just expressing his gratitude. Kim sighed and rubbed at her temples from the slight headache she had gotten after not sleeping and the bombard of questions she had gone through. Emotionally and physically drained Kim loathed cheerleading practice this afternoon. “Hey KP, why so glum chum?” Ron got out cheerily wrapping an arm around Kim. Kim just gave him a half hearted smile. “Nothing Ron, I’m fine” she shrugged out of his embrace and walked a little faster not really in the mood for Ron’s jolly mood. Ron scratched his head confused and looked down at Rufus “Did I miss something?” Rufus just gave him a few grunts indicating he was just as confused. Ron shrugged “Girl’s” he said dismissively before he turned and accidentally bumped into Bonnie. “Ahh! Get away from me” Ron put up his arms feigning being afraid. Bonnie scowled “What’s your drama Stoppable?!” “Your too bright!” Ron got out shielding his eyes overdramatically. Bonnie looked down at herself confused “what?” Ron stood up straight and smirked “Too much fake tan Bonnie, It makes you look off” Bonnie scowled as Ron broke into a fit of laughter. “Whatever Stoppable, what’s the matter Kim got sick of you?” Ron immediately shut up “No! Kim’s just…” he didn’t know what to say. Kim did get rid of him without explanation and he knew he hadn’t done anything to screw up since last night. “She’s around, were not joined at the hip cruella” he retorted after awhile of contemplation. Bonnie snickered “Although you’d like to be wouldn’t you loser?” Ron scowled and watched Bonnie slink away confidently. “Whatever” he muttered pleased when Rufus backed him up with a shake of his little paws at Bonnie’s retreating figure. * * * Kim sighed once again as she sat in English class reminiscing last night and the troubled thoughts accumulating through out the night. *Argh! Focus Kim, you have a test coming up!* “…It’s amazing the way he wrote his plays. They say that Shakespeare had accomplished what no other could, in creating themes that are still used and popular in this era. He was far beyond his time. Although some may argue that he was and is able to connect with audiences today due to his main concept within each of his plays. Whether comedic or dramatic Shakespeare’s work were tragic, unrequited love, forbidden love, doomed love…the man sure had issues with love” The class chuckled. Kim slid further into her seat *Great* she rolled her eyes and gazed outside almost jumping out of her seat when she saw Shego leaning against a tree casually gazing in at her. Shego blew her a mock kiss before jumping up into the tree and disappearing from view. *Did I just see that?* Kim asked herself, her attention now fully on outside. “Mrs. Possible, is there something outside that is more interesting than you passing this class?” The deep boom shook Kim out of her daze and she gave her teacher a sheepish apologetic look. “No sir,” Kim slunk back down in her seat and gazed out just in time to notice a small jewelry box at the window that wasn’t there moments before. Glancing at her teacher she was happy to find him at the black board writing something up. Kim quickly and quietly got out of her seat and grabbed at the package. Sitting back down she looked down at it and slowly opened it. She gasped when she lifted the lid to see a delicate bracelet with green emeralds studded around the white gold chain. It was beautiful and obviously expensive. At the bottom of the box was a small note. To my Kim, My gift to you for being the jewel in my heart and the unbreakable chain in my world. I don’t do well with corny shit but I want you to know I love you and I’m not giving you up to anyone. You are mine princess. Forever yours S Kim smiled and rolled her eyes at Shego’s possessiveness. *Argh! She really is impossible* Happiness and sorrow raged inside her at the simple gesture and she was again left with her confused thoughts. *Great* she thought in exasperation. * * * Bonnie sat at the back of the class and glared at Kim and the gorgeous bracelet she had just received. Bonnie was tempted to call attention to it but decided against it. She had figured out that in order to get Kim she would have to do it right. But by the looks of it she was a bit too late. *Who could it be? Obviously someone rich. Maybe the guy that gave her the car* Bonnie pondered and sat in her jealous rage only content to be able to spend time with the red head after school for cheer practice. * * * Shego walked back into the lair happy and snickered as the henchman scurried out of her way. Rolling her eyes at them Shego made her way over to Drakken to check up on his scheme. When she arrived at his office she was surprised to also see Monkey fist and Duff Killigan sitting opposite her boss. “Aww how sweet, it’s the baboon man and grass lover” Shego called out, strutting over to Drakken and parking her ass on the side of his desk. “What did I miss?” she asked as she whipped out her nail filer. “Now Shego” Drakken placated “We are having a business meeting and I’d appreciate some respect and insight” Shego smirked and took a moment to glance over Drakken’s washed up idea “It won’t work” She deadpanned. Drakken glared while the other two men just scowled. “You don’t even know what were up to! All you did was look at the plans” he argued. “Don’t have to, whatever it is I’m sure it won’t work. It’s probably outrageous and over the top and costs to much. Therefore…it won’t work” Shego got out in a bored tone walking over to stand behind Drakken and gaze at the blue prints more seriously. Sighing she just gazed at the two men in front of her “It won’t work” she again said. “What would you know?! You’re just the side kick!” Monkey fist spat out. Shrugging Shego just flopped onto an empty chair disinterested “You asked for my opinion I gave it. Just because I know it won’t work doesn’t mean I’m not gonna back you up” Moving her head to gaze at the monkey man “After all…I am the side kick” she got out in a dangerous tone. All men simultaneously gulped and proceeded to discuss without involving Shego for fear of castration via plasma glare. All three were aware of her presence and even more aware that she could castrate them with her plasma glare. * * * Shego sat there bored half listening in on their take over the world plan’s when an image of Kim flittered through her mind. Shego had sat in the tree and watched Kim open her present. Her heart fluttered in joy when she remembered the happy glow that Kim had gotten with that simple gift *So my girl likes to be spoiled. No problem* Shego smiled genuinely and was snapped out of her thoughts when Drakken called out to her. “What?!” she snapped then glared at the fumbling man. “I…I need you to steal me a chip” Drakken got out in a commanding voice. Shego smirked “Oohh fun. Finally! Where and when?” she asked already getting juiced up for her assignment. “It’s a top secret experimental chip that the Koreans have been working on. It’s a global neutralizing chip that if timed properly will be able to disconnect all online computer’s within a certain radius. Almost like a manmade Y2k Bug, but were gonna use it to disconnect all the leading networks and sabotage their shows. Thus ensure world domination!!” que the evil laugh from all three men. Shego stod there and rubbed at her temples “Let me get this straight, you want me to steal a man made chip that can essentially breakthrough any if not all computers around the world and the best idea you could come up with was to get in and fuck up a few hit T.V shows?” The men all looked at eachother confused at Shego’s condescending tone. Shego sighed “here’s an idea for ya…why not instead of causing world chaos by taking away favorite sitcoms…you use the chip to steal funds from all the world leaders and gain all their confidential documents. Using them as leverage and ransom” The three men blinked. Drakken, Monkey Fist and Duff were dumfounded. “Ay…I do believe the lassies idea is a much better one Drakken” Duff put in after a moment. Monkey fist reluctantly nodded his head and Drakken just beamed at Shego in approval. “Well then…best be off getting that chip Shego. Operation Chaos will proceed as soon as it’s in our custody. Shego stood there for a moment before a wide smile graced her face “Dr. D, I gotta say…This plan is the best you’ve come up with in…well this is your best plan yet! I’m almost proud of ya if it weren’t for the fact that it’s my plan and you really didn’t do much thinking” Shego said sarcastically but giddily awaiting to take on her new challenge. *Maybe Kim will come by and try and stop me* Shego smiled even more and left the room to get ready.

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